Today, let’s talk about C.H.A.N.G.E.


Yes, we have been here for too long. It is time to move. Whether we fly, run, walk or crawl, what’s important is the fact that we are moving. That we move is not just right and just, it is our duty and our salvation. From where to where, you may ask? The answer is simple enough: from poverty to prosperity; from lack to plenty; from sickness to health. Indeed, from grass to grace. Now, I can already assure you that we have all it takes to embark upon this journey and to reach our destination.

I once read a good book. It is such a book that every human being should read. The book is both simple and short. Who moved my Cheese? That’s the name! By Dr. Spencer Johnson. It is the story of four creatures and how they reacted to change. Change is the word. Everything does not only changes; everything always changes. Things keep moving. And the man who refuses to change or move along with the trend of time is bound to perish. This is a fact.

The way businesses are run, for instance, have not only changed but keeps changing. The way marriage is contracted and family is run have not only changed but keeps changing. The economy of nations keeps going up and down; boom today, recession tomorrow. New approaches to conflict resolution have emerged; management experts keep uncovering new ways of handling and motivating people. In one word, the philosopher Heraclitus concluded from his observations that everything is in flux (continuous change).

Aligning oneself with change is the answer. Not holding unto things. Not been conservative to a fault. In fact, we must stop playing old-school. Why? Because what worked yesterday may not work ever again. Yesterday, for instance, the whole world believed that the sun revolved around the earth until Galileo came up to prove otherwise. What was the implication? The whole of astronomy was rebuilt.

Let’s be practical a bit. In the marriage of time past, the wife of the house was strictly a sex machine and a children-making factory. As long as she was available for sex and could make as many children as needed to till the farm, she was a great wife. But now, any family that tries that must crumble. Because now, more than ever, wives must also work to augment the man’s monthly takehome. And she must not convert all the eggs in her system to children because the cost of training one child from 0 to 21 years is now something else. And should the man die leaving little or nothing behind, the idle wife could turn to prostitution, with the hungry children becoming slaves  to uncles and aunts and ndi na cho boy. Seen thus, are many married people getting it right? I am not sure. I am just not sure.

As I was saying, things always change. And we must also always change by positively adapting ourselves to the trend of time, so as to end on the sunny side of life. If we fail to do this, then poverty is inevitable.

And I like to reintroduce us to Christ. He is the reason why we have not crashed, and the earlier we took Him personal the better for us. It is His will that we prosper and be in good health, even as our souls also prosper. And the only place to find God is the Bible. He tells Joshua that prosperity and good success depends on constant reading, meditation, and doing the Word (cf. Joshua 1:8). Please, we shouldn’t wait for God to shake us up before we seek Him. About our bad habits, the Word of God will help us know who exactly we are and help us make amends.

God’s will for us is prosperity. So, lets get up, leave this place and go get it. Yes, we can, by His amazing grace.

2 thoughts on “Today, let’s talk about C.H.A.N.G.E.

  1. You’ve dealt a progressive paradigm here brother, change is a reality that we sometime refuse access to our lives, family affairs, business, organisations, community, environment, and so atimes it culminate in producing some undesirable effects.
    The conclusion of this that introduced Christ is very fantastic!


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