6 Things every woman wishes every man knew


To be a man is not a day’s job, many men say. But what about being a woman? I just hope that the claim that to be a man is not a day’s job does not in any way suggest that to be a woman is a day’s job. In fact, methinks that to be a woman is something out of earth. I’m probably not a woman now because God always knew I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I arrived at this conclusion after realizing the following:

1. “It is difficult being a woman; don’t you get it!”
It’s oftentimes said that the cost of training up the girlchild can comfortably do for two or more boys. Even commonsense suggests this is true: the health concerns, the clothing, the aesthetics, the comfort, and the etcetera. It is way difficult to be a woman; don’t you get it?

2. “Were special; treat us as such”
Who doesn’t know that women are special? If you don’t, then you’re alone in that class. For more than one reason, women are pretty special. God made them so; their indispensable natural and social roles affirm this. And so, it behooves on you to treat them as such. Of course, you should never raise a fist in her direction; there are better and constructive ways to settle disputes and resolve differences. Treat them special; all of them!

3. “We always forget; always remind us”
On the average, a fair lady receives as many I love yous as needed to forget a particular I love you. And so, never leave her in doubt as to whether you love her or not. Truth be told, everything you can possibly get from her depends on her full knowledge of your love for her; loving you back is the least of her problems; its as simple as returning x10 of your love for her. Always remind her you love her, always do, always do, never leave her in doubt.

4. “We care; more than you know”
Are you doubting that your woman cares about you? Then you definitely don’t know that she cares about you far more than you can possibly know. Yes, a woman’s heart is more about caring for her significant other than for other things of seeming importance. And whenever you accuse women of being too jealous or overly sentimental, you’re saying the same thing in another way. However, some of them already know that making that care pretty obvious leaves them vulnerable, and so may not be ‘card-carrying’ about it. Therefore, if you already know that she loves you, then this is time to know that she always care – more than you can imagine. Aren’t you her baby anymore? I don’t mean your mother, please.

5. “Were always under pressure; don’t add to it”
“Because you’re a woman.” That’s the pressure pot inside which every woman is cooking; just too many social roles to fill in. Mainstream society insists that to truly be woman calls for a particular behavioral set, manner of: speaking, body carriage, dressing, curtseying, relationships, sexuality, etc. Truth be told, this is not is! When the expectations are way too high, pressure sets in and fun is kicked out. And what is life without fun? Boring. Indeed.
And so, every woman expects every man to understand that the natural and social demands on her are enormous; she’s always expected to think and act in a particular way, and all she does from dawn to dusk is try to fit in. If men knew this, they wouldn’t complicate the situation further by making more demands.

6. “We try really hard; try to understand”
Before you complain about a woman’s performance, first understand that she’s given it the entire try she could. In fact, she feels terrible already that she didn’t do great, given that she’s expected to always do great. Of course, if a guy understands that his woman try really hard, he will always understand.