Priceless piece of advice from father to son on the ministry of women affairs & life in general


Here’s a piece of advice given to one late Chief (Dr.) Matthias Offoboche (Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Administrator, Politician) by his father on the eve of his travel to Dublin, the Irish capital, for further studies. I found this in Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Nicholas Obi’s Our Legacy. To say the least, this piece of advice is eternal:

Son, God will protect and guide you. Be yourself and be fair and honest with all you meet. Remember that the spoken word is not like a spear: once spoken it cannot be withdrawn. The written word is worse. So be careful what you say to people or write about them.

Above all, know that a father can give everything he has to his son; but there is only one thing he cannot give him, that is, his women! You must not take another’s woman! That way lies trouble. If your father cannot give you his woman, how much less other people. Neither take nor accept other people’s wives or even girlfriends. If a woman turns down your advances do not blame her or the successful guy; she is obviously not meant for you. There are many fruits on a tree, pluck the one you can; if you insist on plucking a particular fruit you may need to climb the tree and fall and break your neck.

You are going to white-man’s country for a purpose. You must achieve your goal and whatever else you do must contribute to the achievement of that goal. Regard all people who divert your attention from that goal as your devils and all who help you as your true friends. Be grateful to those friends but know that you alone can achieve your goal.
Share your successes, but blame yourself for your failures.