About me…

He’s Cornelius; just Cornel is fine by him. His surname: Ndubuisi. He’s December born actually, 5th day to be precise. He loves it traveling and teaching and hanging around guys and gals that are masters of their craft; those that inspire and wow! By training he’s a philosopher; by business concerns he’s a publisher, consulting editor, public speaker, and writer; by calling he’s a teacher. I bet you’d love to read his books, for which he’s also an author: The Creature of the Second Creator » The Future that Lies Before Me » At a Time Like Ours, What Would Jesus Do? » Rise Up & Walk! » The Wonder of Books

He’s particularly passionate about educational and leadership development. This passion leans against the backdrop that sustainable development (at individual, organizational, national and international levels) simply and squarely depends on meaningful and functional education – not necessarily ‘schooling’.

He blogs because he, like the English Francis Bacon, knows that knowledge is power. Of course, without knowledge people are powerless and, hence, must perish. And so, this blog: runs commentary on issues of common concern, exposes those aspects of nature that loves to hide, celebrates legends and talks down on mediocrity, talks philosophy, gender issues, politics, books. One more thing: Cornel blogs to motivate.

Memorable Quote: To teach is to learn twice ~ Joseph Joubert