…I just needed someone to help me first”


CIA Director Kendrick had his lucky break. Nikita already had her index finger to the trigger of a badass sniper rifle, and was already pulling it, before Fletcher and Birkhoff came through with the truth, one that changed the mission from termination to salvation. Percy and his “Division” had turned Kendrick into their puppet by implanting a kill chip in his heart, for which he gets to do as they order – or die.

Watched the American action thriller drama television series that aired on The CW from September 9, 2010, to December 27, 2013 – “Nikita”? Yea, I’m talking about Season 2, Episode 21.

As usual, the Nikita team (comprising Nikita, Alex, Michael, Birkhoff, Ryan, and Sean) came through for Kendrick. Whisked him underground to get him off the grid, thereby disconnecting Percy’s already activated kill trigger, and long enough for the wizardry Birkhoff to deactivate the chip. And he did.

What follows? Kendrick shares CIA intel with the Nikita team to facilitate their crusade against Percy and “Division.”

By the way, this piece isn’t some movie gist. Was just trying to whet your appetite enough to try some lockdown hours on the series. But there’s something really serious I like to share with you from the scene where Kendrick hands Nikita the flash drive, the intel. I already did, though. Read the title and subtitle of this piece again. That’s what he told them.

Although the context of the quote was that Kendrick first needed someone to get Percy’s kill chip off him before he could offer any form of anti-Percy help, what he said is just the way it is. You want help? Get out there and get helping people. Helping you back is the easy part.

Your No.1 fan,

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