< people are being the human beings they are >

Why is this rapture Christian preachers keep saying will happen soon taking forever? As soon as possible, wouldn’t be a bad idea. At least, the Christian heaven promises to be forever, painless, and drama-free; we get to spend eternity prostrating before the “Lamb who sits on the throne,” making music with timbrel and harp. I mean, our friends of the other faith get to chill with the virgins. Until then, we are where we are: earth.

While we hang on here, we’re sure to remain subject to the terms and conditions that apply around here, key among which is the fact that we must put up with other people – like us. Imagine a world where over 7 billion people are your exact replica. But that’s only one view. Also imagine that the said over 7 billion people, who are your exact replica, from the earlier instance, also, at the same time, differ from you in varying degrees, as much as some of them being your exact opposite.

Complicated, isn’t it? But it is simply what it is, accounting for why getting along with other people is such a big deal. You think you know them and suddenly you don’t know them anymore; you’re head over heels for them and suddenly they don’t move you anymore. And you’re wondering what this drama called life is really about.

See, the thing is that being a human being is hard labour. We all want the same – as well as different – things. We run on both reason and instinct – and they sometimes conflict. We’re wired to put ourselves first, and get to do whatever it takes to stay alive – at the expense of whomever or whatever. We try to be virtuous and aspire to high moral standards but end up catching ourselves drifting towards viciousness and loose living. Our brother Paul knew what’s up: “I don’t do the good I want to do; I do the evil I don’t want to do” (Romans 7:19).

You want to be happy in this world? Just never forget that people will always be people. They sometimes don’t even know what’s doing them; we just catch ourselves being stupid. Don’t expect too much from people. They simply can’t afford it. And I hope they also know enough to not expect too much from you. You can’t afford it either. When the chips are down, we’re all usually the same. TuBaba was damn right: “No body holy pass.” If you claim say you holy pass, I hope you holy pass Elijah sha.

Your No.1 fan,