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If you’ve been following my social media “sharings” the 4yrs or so I’ve kept at it, then you already know many things about me, as the examples are usually drawn from my personal experiences. In this regard, my love for books and movies is no news. When I read books and see movies, I go the extra mile to juice out the usually life-transforming messages buried in the lines – and it makes little difference whether I read just a page or saw only a scene.

And so, I walked into the room yesterday to chance on HBO screening “The Matrix Revolutions,” a movie as old as forever. I was a kid the last time I saw it. I can’t really piece things together here, but it was the scene where Captain Mifune was badly hit and good to die, and there he was instructing an infantry on the only one thing left to do in order to win the war. You could visibly see that the infantry was lost, not getting why Mifune was asking him to go do something that was supposedly way out of his league.

As if to beat the Captain Mifune back to consciousness, to let him know he was speaking to the wrong person, the infantry said, “I didn’t finish the program.” Guess Mifune’s response? The title of this piece was his response, “Neither did I.” Yea, he himself hadn’t finished the particular training it should take to get certain things done and yet made captain. Of course, the infantry found strength and courage in those words and went on to get the job done. He didn’t have to have finished the training.

Now, like that infantry, you may be thinking you need a certain length of time, a particular amount of money, a calibre of connection, or a this or that certificate before you can engage your dreams. May I immediately bring to your notice that most of the titans of industries and celebrities didn’t have all of that before they set out. The truth is that things begin to add up along the way. Whether you think Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ifeanyi Ubah or 2Baba, the story is no different. And for the record, I’ve never done any formal training on writing.

Back to the movie. While he was off to make it happen, the enemies shot him down and were about to shoot him dead. But then came rescue from nowhere, one that saw him to completing the mission. I mean, it is along the way that rescue shows up, that miracles happen. We need to get our ass off the waiting room and be on our way to our best lives.

Rule of thumb: “Start before you’re ready.” Don’t wait until you have enough time, money, connections or credentials.

Your No.1 fan,

PS. This is not me undermining time, money, connection and credentials. This is me saying they’re not enough to have immobilized you.

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