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I’m old enough to accept that I mustn’t have or air my opinion about everything, which is why I haven’t uttered a word on #BiodunDakolo, safe when after Mass last Sunday a friend came at me with the topic. Wendy wanted to know what my thoughts on the matter were. I simply told her, and angrily so, that while I’m leaving it to the courts (if they choose to explore the option) to rule on whether Biodun is guilty or not, every generation gets the sort of men of God she “creates.” On a good day, I hope to demonstrate how our generation has succeeded in churning out packs of reckless and fraudulent men of God. And the earlier we started undoing what we’ve done, the better for all of us. I insist that men of God should first be seen, and related with, as men – or women – before God is brought into the picture. Story for another day.

While I’ve restrained myself from going about social media with the matter on ground, I’ve read next to everything on it that came my way. As it was being discussed on different chat groups I belong, I made out time to read everything: what people think, how they feel, and what they recommend. Quite naturally, Mrs. Dakolo is voted victim and deserving of all the sympathies. Of course, the other camp isn’t missing out on points; they think Mrs. Dakolo is up to something. Good for them.

“Cornel, where the heck do you belong?” you may be wondering. Sorry to disappoint, I belong elsewhere. Rape being a serious crime, I think Dakolo and Biodun should go argue the case in court while we await the verdict of the judge; I hear they’re 30 other witnesses to testify. I think we should spend more of this time looking into our very own lives; this episode should call for sober reflection. 16 years down the line, a serious academic should become a professor; get busy considering the possibility of being stripped of your title by the number of plagiarisms you’ve already done. As a young man “dicking around” and not knowing how many seeds have already germinated here and there, bother yourself about the possibility of fruits showing up at your doorsteps after you’ve arrived. And whatever you succeed in becoming tomorrow, bother yourself today with the malpractices and all what nots you’ve already done that’d eventually become the things around your neck. Kindly get busy fixing these things; make peace with the nights of your past before your future dawns.

Lastly, when shit gets smeared all over your face, like on that of Biodun right now, then you’d know that most people in your live today are there for their convenience. They’d just leave you. They’d just join the bandwagon in crucifying you. Trust me, even when you’re guilty as charged, and clearly so, you need friends who still believe in you in spite of your mess and can make bold bets on your future. Let’s get busy shopping for such friends now – by being one ourselves.

Your No.1 fan,

PS. It’s OK to talk. It is more OK to reflect.

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