You’ve kept postponing those dreams and noble aspirations. And now the days have run into weeks, the weeks into months, and this is already midway into the 6th month of 2017. Before you’d know it 2017 is gone! And then it’s 2018, followed by 2019, then 2020… You know what? Those goals will begin to give way for more pressing needs, such as marriage (for ladies crossing 26 and guys approaching 35), more money to pay growing bills cum keep up with the burden of external expectations. Then you miss the track forever. And suddenly it all dawns on you when on that bed – sickbed or deathbed – that yours has been the case of a wasted life.

Oh that today you’ve read this post, harden not your heart. Whatever you do today, do at least one thing that will advance you towards your ‘big picture.’ I bet you don’t want to realize at the tail end of your life that it was a wasted one. You want to write a book? Someone met me yesterday about it and I simplified it for him; it’s that simple. You want to found an NGO? It is simple, too. You want to ‘public speak’? Simple, too.

Most ladies thought it’s about getting married, and then got to finding out after marriage that there’s more to life than marriage. After all the sex and childbearing, what next? Methinks that sex makes more sense in the bed of a meaningful and fulfilling life. Some guys thought it was making money, and then went on to find that their lives became way emptier as the bank account grew from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions – and even to a few billions. Trust me on this one: more money off the land of purpose pursuit is a curse, accounting for why more rich people live lascivious and damning lives. You see where Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are channeling their billions of dollars? Only purpose-driven lives do that.

What do you want with your life? If you ain’t sure, talk to someone. It may be me, it may be someone else; just talk to someone. It’s unfair to waste this one and only life you’ve got. Please don’t.


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