A lesson from the girl I met: you really never know

While we were in for a post graduate seminar 4 days ago, I observed a girl that seemed too young to be a PG student. When the seminar was going on, they needed someone to move the mic from one end to another; she was at it. When it got to “Item 7,” they needed someone to move the refreshment around; it was the same girl. I just knew I was going to have a word with her afterwards, to especially acknowledge her selfless service. That’s me. I just like to say thank you.
Unfortunately, the end of the seminar coincided with a mild fever for me. And so I went on my way. However, it turned out that we both were headed in the same direction and she happened to be walking as fast as I was. I didn’t quite notice her until she branched off the road and was now headed in a different direction. Funnily, too, at the point that I noticed her, we were simultaneously on the phone. “Saying thank you isn’t gonna take ages, right? Why not do it now.” That was the voice in my head doing the talking, and I knew it was the truth. And since I still had Stanley at the other end of the line, I could only waved her down. I did, and she stopped – while still on her own call. [First observation: she stopped in a way very few girls would; she stopped gracefully]
It happened that I was already saying “I’ll keep in touch” when I motioned her to stop; my call ended just seconds later. And so I made towards her to do just what I wanted to do and then get going before something bad happens to my seemingly sickly body. On getting to her, I observed she immediately excused the person at the other end of the line. I was just to say thank you and then walk away, right? It happened that it didn’t work out that way; she gave me a reason to ask her a thousand and one questions. Interestingly enough, it got to that part where she asked me if I were done with my questions. And to prove that she was ready to take more questions, I heard her tell someone she was supposed to be seeing already that she’d be needing an hour more.
At this point, I started connecting all the dots… This girl was speaking to me like she’s known me from Adam. And if I’ve thoroughly quizzed you before, then you can guess what manner of questions I asked her, and she’d answered all of them without taking offence at any one. And so, I asked her, “You speak to me like you know me already.”
I was shocked to know that the answer was a YES. She did not only know me in the passing, she knew me very very well, and she began to tell me how well she knows me and how much she’s heard about me. Funnily enough, she’s the best friend [or girlfriend] of a mentee of mine, and she told me they discuss me from time to time. She even reminded me that I’d spoken to them years back at their first year orientation (she’s now in final year), during which I’d gifted each of them a book. She even knows Amara.
Think about this: What if my intention wasn’t to say thank you? What if I stopped her to ask her out?
Truth be told, you really never know. It’s always been a small world. And then I went my way, without even bothering to know her name; the lesson was just fine for me.

How a 20-year-old Nigerian can become president @39

Emmanuel Macron, French 39-year-old president

We Nigerians can be very funny – and even unrealistic – in our expectations. Because France just turned out a 39-year-old president, we’re beginning to envy them, we’re beginning to want to have a president that young.

Funnily, that’s how countries that are as interesting as debating the removal or non-removal of history in her school curriculum used to do. Do we also know that it took France more than 200 years to produce a 39-year-old president? And how old are we? Just 56/7.

Na so we go create new states make we be like America, wen we no sabi say the difference between the size of Texas (one of the 50 states for America) and Nigeria na just small thing. (Texas is 0.75 times the size of Nigeria)

Dear friends, some things take time. You can’t make a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant. Nigeria deserves some time to develop; it won’t happen by sudden flight.

However, a Nigerian of about 20 years old, less, or a little more can become president at 39 by adhering to the following rules of engagement.

1.) Become politically conscious through daily consumption of both local and foreign media coverage of Nigeria.

2.) Start networking like crazy; network vertically and horizontally. Know as many people that matter as you can. And also know as many as possible contemporaries; they’re your competition. Trust me, I may be nobody today, but you can’t tell what I can do for or to you in say 5 or 10 years.

3.) Be the best in whatever you’re doing right now. Because that’s what will speak for you later. Your success in one thing will speak for you when you’re going into another thing. Don’t forget to make tons of cash; it means everything here. Trust me, the gate fee to the presidency is an insane sum; it runs in the billions. Plan B is to make friends with those who can bet those billions on you – but for a ridiculous interest rate afterwards.

4.) Be a good person; have a clean record. So that when they’ll find nothing when they go digging into your past.

Start with those 4; other dots will naturally connect.


It’s not that easy sha. They’ll need some good luck – not Jonathan.


A mind-blowing and game-changing ritual of the eagle


Many books have already been written on the one thousand and one things that are learnable from the indisputable king of aviation, the eagle. And for the reason of those many enviable sterling qualities of the eagle, countries and institutions that have a magnificent obsession for excellence have adopted the eagle as their emblem; the eagle was the emblem of Ancient Rome, and has remained the emblem of the United States of America.

Interestingly, there is next to nothing about the eagle that doesn’t hold a larger-than-life significance. The eagle’s vision, for instance, is eight times that of humans; it can see so clearly from miles away. The eagle’s flying skill is legendary; it can ride on the wings of the most ferocious storm. And both the way the eagle contracts relationship and raises its young are enviable.

However, I’m particularly intrigued by one of the rituals of the eagle: “renewal.” When old age begins to set in, leading to the weakening of its feathers and beak, the eagle goes on a retreat – for renewal. Guess what it does while in that most solemn solitude? With its beak it pulls out all of its feathers, and then keeps jamming its beak against the rock until it is broken. Hell painful! Now, stark naked and without a beak, the eagle remains there until it grows new feathers and beak. Then, after this overhauling and life-threatening exercise, the eagle not only renews its strength but lives longer.

I’m tempted to do a commentary on this mind-blowing practice of the eagle. But on a second thought, I leave it to you to draw out the lesson yourself. And maybe share with us here in the comment box.

Take this from Henry Ford: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Dear Nigerian worker, remember these and be at peace…

may day

As we celebrate May Day, International Workers’ Day, it is right and just that we should call the following facts to mind. They will help us persevere in our difficulties, they will help us stay strong amidst the weakening tendencies of the recession, and they will inspire us to aspire to even greater heights.

1. You’re a child of God: You must be very clear about your identity, and begin to walk in the light of it. This is because your identity projects your image to others; people see you the way you see yourself, and relate with you the way you carry yourself. Don’t ask me how; it works like magic. You want me to tell you what it means to be a child of God? It means you’re gorgeous, talented, fabulous, terrific, incredible, and beautiful. You’re designed to wow! Go through Genesis to Revelation and see what Father God has said concerning you. Find there that your insurance policy is comprehensive, that you’re guaranteed prosperity and good success, and that you’re to fear not and be worry-free. And God asked, “Is there anything that is too hard for me?” Elsewhere He said, “I am not a man that I should lie.

2. You’re Nigerian and live in Nigeria: Only average Nigerians suffer. It is no news that typical Nigerians are pro at the blame-game and are best at hoping even against hope. All real Nigerians do is thrive! We’re not being braggadocious about it; the whole world knows about us. We’re diehard. We’re innovative. We’re exceptionally brilliant. We change things. We find a way any way. We brave odds. We break old records and set unreachable ones. In fact, we’re a people like no other people; unique in every sense of the word. And so, you need to key into your Nigerianness, which is a mental thing. Real Nigerians don’t take no for an answer; they thrive against all odds. The Nigerian market is the envy of global investors. With 170,000,000+ human beings, anything can be sold!

3. The world is up for grasp: It’s a free world! Anybody from anywhere at any time can be anything in this world. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a big fat liar. The story of Obama is exactly the story of a man from nowhere becoming the most powerful man on the planet and staying so for an uninterrupted 8 years. If you can’t imagine yourself realizing your noblest aspiration – whatever it may be – then you need not just a mental reorientation but a mental revolution. It should be super-abundantly clear to you that anything is possible, not just for some but for you also.

4. You’re unique! The fact of every individual’s uniqueness has to sink and settle at the very bottom of your subconscious. You’re not just unique in your looks; you’re also unique in every sense of that word. Your purpose is unique to you. Your talents are customized; no one does and can do anything you do just the way you do it. We all come original! This knowledge will make you realize that there is no competition in destiny. In this life, all we do is do our thing and afterwards walk away. That’s just what this life is about. Nothing else. And so, don’t spend it living other people’s lives or being weighed down by the burden of external expectations.

Happy Workers’ Day!!!