How a 20-year-old Nigerian can become president @39

Emmanuel Macron, French 39-year-old president

We Nigerians can be very funny – and even unrealistic – in our expectations. Because France just turned out a 39-year-old president, we’re beginning to envy them, we’re beginning to want to have a president that young.

Funnily, that’s how countries that are as interesting as debating the removal or non-removal of history in her school curriculum used to do. Do we also know that it took France more than 200 years to produce a 39-year-old president? And how old are we? Just 56/7.

Na so we go create new states make we be like America, wen we no sabi say the difference between the size of Texas (one of the 50 states for America) and Nigeria na just small thing. (Texas is 0.75 times the size of Nigeria)

Dear friends, some things take time. You can’t make a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant. Nigeria deserves some time to develop; it won’t happen by sudden flight.

However, a Nigerian of about 20 years old, less, or a little more can become president at 39 by adhering to the following rules of engagement.

1.) Become politically conscious through daily consumption of both local and foreign media coverage of Nigeria.

2.) Start networking like crazy; network vertically and horizontally. Know as many people that matter as you can. And also know as many as possible contemporaries; they’re your competition. Trust me, I may be nobody today, but you can’t tell what I can do for or to you in say 5 or 10 years.

3.) Be the best in whatever you’re doing right now. Because that’s what will speak for you later. Your success in one thing will speak for you when you’re going into another thing. Don’t forget to make tons of cash; it means everything here. Trust me, the gate fee to the presidency is an insane sum; it runs in the billions. Plan B is to make friends with those who can bet those billions on you – but for a ridiculous interest rate afterwards.

4.) Be a good person; have a clean record. So that when they’ll find nothing when they go digging into your past.

Start with those 4; other dots will naturally connect.


It’s not that easy sha. They’ll need some good luck – not Jonathan.


One thought on “How a 20-year-old Nigerian can become president @39

  1. Great Mind…I dey feel u. Waiting patiently for ur long awaited jet to land on d World’s Airport of uncommon men.


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