“WE-MEN”must change our ways…

I’ve read that the rate of divorce is growing by geometric progression. I’ve heard many a man blame it on feminism. They say men are cut out for family headship. They say that’s how God made it. How much we can use God to cover our tracks! Look closely at individual divorce cases and find that it is usually more about ‘power’ than anything else. Yes, infidelity is part of it, but there is far more to cheating than meets the eye. Lemme leave it here.
Read, read, read, and see that feminism is only a reaction not an action. Women were so pushed to the wall that bouncing back became natural. Truth be told, the history of the human society interestingly coincides with the history of gross gender inequality/women oppression. Can you imagine that women’s right to vote was actually debated for decades? What inhumanity! What nonsense! Imagine that it took American men about 144 years to decide that women were capable of voting. Imagine that women’s right to own property was debated over years. Imagine that a Jewish woman was counted as property. That’s insane! If not madness, what would make a man batter an adult woman; wife battery is the craziest thing I know. And we want them to always be docile cows ready for milking. I’ve heard men say that women are nothing but sex machines and children making factory. What’s that?!?
The other day I heard a young man say that the best way to ‘tie a woman down’ while continuing in one’s ‘sexcapades’ is to get her pregnant as soon as she weans her baby so that she’d remain in the maze of children-making until she loses every flare for going out. Friends, is this guy not mad? And most men are as mad, and even madder.
I’m not being sympathetic with women here because it’s not necessary. I’m only saying that we owe our problem to men’s reluctance to cede some powers to women. We owe it to most men being egomaniacs, so power drunk that they want every woman to worship them.
My point: We men must change our ways. We must rethink a number of things about gender we inherited from generations of long ago. Trust me, the most loyal women I know are those that were ’empowered’ by their husbands. One told me she owes 70% of whatever she is to her husband. Anty Dayo said she owes 100% of her everything to her husband. Both women also professed 100% loyalty to their husbands.
Finally, I know that gender struggles is complex and far bigger than the picture I just painted. However, it begins with men realizing that they need to cede some of the absolute power they inherited from their forefathers to their women. It is urgent. And funnily enough, there is a way you get back whatever you give to women; they’re the most generous people I know.
P.S.: Women may hail this post, men may say whatever. But I don’t care. #iTeachTruth