5 ways to stay up-to-date and relevant


To put it simply and short, alignment with change equals relevance. The following promises to be of help:

  1. Embrace change

When change shows up, embrace it rather than question it. Don’t resist it. Don’t. Immediately begin to figure out how to harness it to your very own advantage. You can be sure you’d lose any fight you put up against change. If you get fired from your job, for instance, instead of getting into the unwarranted trading of blames or giving in to depression, immediately begin to figure out your next move towards landing a new job or becoming your own boss. If your boy- or girlfriend calls the relationship to a quit, instead of crying your eyes out, why not go in search of a better person. If you unintentionally drop out of school due to failure, financial, or other constraints, instead of resigning to self-pity, pressurize yourself to come up with alternatives. It’s no news that some of the rock star entrepreneurs and world class athletes are school dropouts. In essence, embrace whatever change that knocks at your door.

  1. Be knowledge savvy

People will always perish for lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6. And one way to remain ignorant is to cling to what you used to know. You can trust that some of today’s errors were yesterday’s facts, and, by implication, today’s facts may turn tomorrow’s errors. And to know only errors is to be as good as ignorant. Without knowledge, how will you even get to know that change has come around? Those in the capital market, for instance, can only figure out change from the trend they read on financial statements, and by studying the market trends. You must study. Read tons of books. You must be very observant. You must read your eyes out. You must watch TV and listen to radio. Importantly, too, you must develop an analytic mind, since change could come as wolves in sheep clothing.

  1. Network

No matter how much you know, you can’t just know enough. This is exactly why we need each other – for cooperation and collaboration. You must keep in touch with others, especially people of like minds. These ones will help keep you abreast with emerging trends, will call your attention to important things you’re taking for granted. Two good heads are always better than one. That’s the point.

  1. Harness technology

Some people take pride in doing things the old way, and delude themselves with the thinking that the old way is the better way. For instance, they’d prefer to do complex math on a sheet of paper than punch the calculator; they suspect the calculator will blunt the sharpness of their mind. Some are so hell-bent on hardcopies, and would prefer to patronize the post office than employ the more efficient electronic mailing system. Some teachers are so into chalk- and whiteboards that they’re oblivious of the power of smartboards. There are tons of things technology can help you accomplish; all you need do is harness it. Don’t be so obsolete that you prefer the hard life to the good life.

  1. Be visionary

Where there is no vision the people perish – Prov. 29:18. The visionary sees ahead, the visionary anticipates change and prepares for it ahead of time. The visionary is rarely caught unawares. The point here is simple: since you’re already in the know that change is inevitable, why not go all out to meet it; why not greet it with warm welcome when it arrives. In this way, while others are thrown off-guard at its arrival, the visionary assumes the position of solution provider. Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams gave both Joseph and Egypt untold relevance during the seven-year-long famine, such that they became the savior of the rest of the world. In this light, therefore, you should be able to tell, or research into, where your industry is headed and begin to vigorously prepare ahead. This can be done by acquiring relevant skills and contacts, such that you’d have your umbrella at hand on the rainy day. Of course, companies don’t downsize or right-size at random during recession or troubled times; no, they jam the door against those who don’t feature in the future of the company.


Seen thus, the only way to be or remain relevant is to embrace change; relevance and alignment with change are two side of the same coin. And the only way to embrace change is to stay up to date. Of course, you’re outdated if you’re not updated. So, dare to embrace change, pursue knowledge, cooperate and collaborate with others, harness technology to your advantage, and be visionary. If you do these, then relevance will work with you.

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