This is quite a law, and the only time it didn’t apply was at the very beginning, when God created “ex nihilo” – from nothing. Of course, the law didn’t have to apply because there was yet nothing!

After the creation episode, this law came to full application, such that even God himself is bound by it. And if God himself works by this law, Satan also, who are we to flaunt it. Truth be told, a proper understanding of this law will tremendously change things for the better for many a person.

Let me explain this law with biblical illustrations to say how God works with it: Was God so powerless that Noah had to build an ark? Was Abraham’s and the Israelites’ circumcision necessary to establish God’s covenant? When Jacob wrestled with the angel at Peniel, did the angel have to dislocate his hip socket to confer the blessing? The wine had finished at the wedding at Cana and Jesus was capable of conjuring up wine from the blues, but why did he ask for water? And why would he insist on the available loaves and fish for the feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000? In fact, and to crown it all, why did God have to sacrifice his only son to win us salvation? Imagine God who created heaven and earth playing by this law!

To get wealth, power and anything from the devil, something has to be given in turn. It isn’t optional. The difference is that one may not know that something has been taken already – the soul. The devil appears not to ever compromise this law; he’s so strict at applying it.

In the business of earth, as it is in heaven and hell, this law applies as much. Your prospective business partner will ask you, “What are you bringing to the table?” This question means heaven and earth to them.

Now, the most important thing about this law is that it is not so much about “something” in particular as it is about “anything,” which is a way of saying that size is immaterial. What is 5 loaves to feed 5,000 3-day hungry men – excluding women and children? But it mattered.

The point is, don’t expect anything if you’ve not given something, and if you want something, give something – anything.

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