5 lessons from my 30 days of nonstop blogging


I set up this blog myself shortly after midnight on February 8, 2016. Yesterday, March 8, 2016, made it 30 days. I even had to do the count on my fingers to be very sure of the number of days it amounted to. 30, confirmed! Today, I decided to look back; I never did all along. I just busied with churning out posts and sharing their links on social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I never looked back all along because I didn’t want to gamble with any form of discouragement. Actually, it was always in the plan that I looked back after 30 days of nonstop blogging, to know if to continue or to walk. Yes, I’m a diehard fan of time management, and lately, time revolution. Of course, if blogging isn’t worth my time, I’d walk.

In 30 days, we’ve come a long way! 30 posts for 30 days, more than 1,500 visits, a good number of fans who’ve made it a task to spread the word, kind comments on and out of the blog that fire me on, and God’s generosity with inspiration. Moreover, I’ve especially learnt the following lessons from my so-far-blogging experience:

  1. Intention is never enough

The intention to blog isn’t a long time coming. Actual blogging started almost as soon as the intention showed up. For heaven’s sake, it’s your business wanting to do all this and that, but what really matters is ACTION. That night, February 8, shortly after midnight, I remembered that what really matter is action, and I did take one. Simple: turned on my laptop, moved my SIM to my modem, got internet connectivity running, and typed www.wordpress.com on my address bar. That was it! I didn’t have to be a pro. I just kept trying and erring and retrying, and that was it!

  1. God makes so much difference

Before February 8, I had done the needful: I prayed. I’m Catholic, and the Blessed Sacrament is central to our worship. Interestingly, I did the planning of this blog in church, before the Blessed Sacrament. I’d always known that the laborer labors in vain if the Lord isn’t the builder. Today, in more ways than I can say, God made all the difference.

  1. It’s gradual and gets better with each passing day

Yes, I know the number of people that visit my blog. I’m told by WordPress. There’s even a bar chat to that effect, and there’re stats for all the posts. I make bold to report progress. It’s also interesting to report that the very first post has the least number of views, and then it started growing and growing and growing. Yes, life is evolutionary, and things grow gradually. Get used to it and don’t be discouraged when the figures ain’t soaring like the eagle.

  1. Everything conspires to your favour and it gets easier by the day

Maybe we’re called bloggers because blogging is a way of life. Yes, it is. Even as I type this post I’m already working on that of tomorrow in my head. I can even let you into the title already: “The vocation of sitting down.” Interestingly, too, I began to work out potential blog post from events and people around me. For instance, after meeting with Ijenna last Saturday, I did a post about her shortly afterwards. Again, after closely seeing the US presidential stuffs on CNN on Saturday night, I did a post about it on Sunday. Even tomorrow’s “vocation of sitting down” comes from a conversation I had with a friend at Bigard Memorial Seminary yesterday; it was his idea and I already have his permission to do a post on it.

Furthermore, things just keep falling in place. I’ve had to travel many times over the last 30 days, and can report that I’ve done this blogging from about 10 different laptops; I really don’t travel with mine. Things just keep falling in place. When it became compelling that I needed a domain name, my friend Johnpaul come to the rescue, and I’m thankful. And that’s where the God-factor comes in; it always does.

  1. “As you let your light shine, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Those are the gracious words of Marianne Williamson, and they are true. In the past 30 days I’ve challenged my friends to rediscover their writing spirit, and some of them have. They tell me. I’ve made others realize that whatever is conceivable is achievable.

In this way, I’m convinced that www.corneliusndubuisi.com is bearing a hand in making the world a better place.


6 thoughts on “5 lessons from my 30 days of nonstop blogging

  1. I’m always proud of u Cornel. U r indeed a very big asset to our generation. Fire on, greater days awaits u. Believe me, u’ll soon grow exponentially beyond ur imagination. Just keep holding what u r holding. More grace


  2. Am the most inspired, honestly and thanks for this blog as I look forward to seeing more of it. Your progress gives me joy because am also making move along side. Ride on sir

    Liked by 1 person

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