A resounding Happy Easter to you, and 2 lessons from the women of the Resurrection morning


“What would life have been to us had Christ not risen from the dead?” This question is particularly important to all those who hold the person of Jesus close to their heart. It is also important to those who, though do not care a thing about Jesus, are enjoying the so far society has come in terms of enlightenment and scientific advancement. Of course, when Jesus declared, “I am the light of the world,” he really meant business, and all those who keyed into his illumination got the promised “light of life.” Just one instance would do: America is today the world’s leading power for more than one reason. Have you cared to ask why every single dollar bill cannot go without the “In God We Trust” inscription? Simple: the founding fathers of America knew that God is both the author of freedom and sustainer of any sovereignty that goals to stand the test of time.

And so, needless to say that we’re all an “Alleluia people.” We owe God heartfelt praise, for drawing us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His very own beloved son, in whom we have redemption and the forgiveness of our trespasses. Yes, Christians and non-Christians alike.

corneliusndubuisi.com says: Happy Easter!!!

Importantly, may we not cruise through today’s celebration buried in eating and drinking and making merry, and passing by some of the beautiful lessons it brings along, especially those from the women of the resurrection morning. They teach us the following:

They loved on, even after death
During the passion experience, Scriptures say that those women were around; they watched from a distance. Then Jesus died. The apostles went about their usual businesses, but early before dawn these women were already on their way to see to it that Jesus got a befitting burial; what the horrific Good Friday couldn’t let them do. Don’t even think they were anticipating the resurrection; they weren’t. In this regard, Scriptures say that until the full reality of the resurrection dawned on them, none of Jesus’ followers had come to a grasp of the resurrection prophecy.

The point is: They loved truly. They really did. And we can learn from them. That sort of love that expects nothing in return. That kind of love that just loves on…

They moved in faith
Scriptures say that the big challenge that confronted them at the mental level was this, “Who would roll away the stone for us?” This challenge didn’t deter them. They moved. And when they did move, they ended up finding that the stone had already been rolled away. Plus the message of the risen Lord.

What do we learn from them in this regard? Mental obstacles are just not enough to hold us back from moving or setting out. Just move. In faith. And the Big-Guy-up-there just has this way of rolling away the stone before we get there. Or, He has this fascinating way of making the burden light.