< we always never know >

Last night was the mother of all match nights. I didn’t quite think one could be “shattered” by joy until I read Sammie’s rather hilarious post this morning – of a Liverpool fan who inquired of him how to convince a non-football fan boss that he won’t make work for the “shattering” from last night. No doubt, football match outcomes are highly unpredictable, so much that the multibillion dollar betting industry was built on it, last night’s super-humiliating Liverpool-Barcelona outing was somewhat different for having the ‘Anfielders’ come back from an embarrassing 3-nil at Camp Nou. More so, the arguable god of soccer, Lionel Messi, who was visibly worshipped at the last meeting for “that” free-kick, lost his magic.

While the rest of the football world busied with the fanfare that goes with such a night as last night, I took to reflecting on how much the events of last night simulated how life actually works, to the effect that we just never know.

1. When Messi and Suarez sat side by side having fun for themselves as they jetted from Spain to the UK, did they have the faintest idea what was coming last night?

2. When Ernesto Valverde and his men were working out the squad to be fielded against the Reds, did they even imagine that it was gonna come any close to what played out last night?

3. When Klopp was making those game-changing substitutions, was he hell sure it was gonna deliver big as we saw last night?

4. When Mo Salah stood before his wardrobe to pick a shirt in which he’d watch the match from the bench, and when he did decide for the one that had “Never Give Up,” was he sure the inscription on his shirt was gonna make any difference?

>>> Frankly, Liverpool didn’t know they were gonna win, and Barcelona didn’t know they were gonna win. Just like you and I know next to nothing that’d become of us in the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years ahead. We just never know, and that’s called “life.”

Our best bet is to just try. To always show up with our A-game, putting our best foot forward. To never give up – no matter how bad it seems, as it’s never too bad.

Your No.1 fan,

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