happy businessman with heap of moneyIt should only serve the purpose of securing us more, and better, options, like: drive a Venza or Tesla, instead of a Volkswagen Beatle; to eat sumptuously, instead of doing so beggarly; to dress regally, instead of doing so peasantly; to lavishly feast with family and friends, instead of stacking up cash in Swiss banks; to generously lend helping hands to the poor and needy, instead of being in the race to make Forbes list; to watch the world in 3D by travelling distant lands, tasting of their delicacies and watching them lead their lives, instead of being blinded by prejudices, misled by biases, and deformed by ignorance; to thrive, instead of merely living.
And Christically speaking, to store up treasures for ourselves in heaven, enough to afford booking some heavenly shiny toys ahead of time. Personally, a mansion in the angelic quarters isn’t a bad idea.
My point: Pursuing or amassing money for the wrong reasons is the fastest way to ruin one’s life. Ask super-rich parents with wayward children. Ask Nigerian politicians about their economy.
And so, while we spend next to every dawn to dusk in hot pursuit of cash, we should also remember to leave ample time for those more important things that money can’t buy, such as quality relationships.

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