A lesson from “GOD’S NOT DEAD 2”

There’s a hidden lesson God revealed in that movie with regards how He runs His packages. Since you may not have noticed it during your watch, lemme quickly share; it was so silent that it needed rapt attention to grasp.

Recall that at a point during Grace Wesley’s trial, bothering on talking Jesus in an 11th Grade classroom, Rev. Dave Hill (Juror No.12) slumped in the courtroom and was replaced by the crazily made-up, loose-looking, and multiple-coloured hair alternate, Miss Marshall. Also recall that the replacement of Rev. Dave with a loose-looking alternate simultaneously made Grace’s camp lose heart and boosted the confidence of the opposing end. Her looks convinced them she’s gonna vote against.

However, it turns out that the same loose-looking alternate saved the day, as her vote tipped the scale in Grace’s favour. How, you may be wondering? Lemme leave you clues. Playback to the last court scene, wherein the jury foreman announced the verdict. Observe that our gaga-looking alternate was the last to leave the jury stand. While headed for the door, observe she stopped in front of Grace and smiled at her, that sort of smile that says, “We’re in the same Jesus’ boat.” One more clue. Just as she was about to exit the door, with her back facing Grace and Tom, Grace saw that right behind her neck, closest to her hair, was a cross tattoo, plus her gentle strides announcing victory.

You can trust that the presence of Rev. Dave on the jury would have adversely affected things. And since God was always gonna win, He had His winning plan in tact from the word go; Dave only had to give way.

Meanwhile, stop judging by appearance; there’s usually more to people than meet the eyes.

And if you haven’t, do whatever it takes to see “God’s Not Dead” 1&2. Please do.

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