At Anty Dayo’s feet… 12 game-changer take-homes


The date was October 15, 2016 – exactly 48 hours from Anty Dayo’s 51st birthday. The venue was Bolingo Hotel and Towers, Central Business District, Abuja. The event was the 3rd Motivators International Youth Organization Annual Conference. And I was there. Live! Who is Anty Dayo? comes up next. For now, glean the following 12 lessons from her profound wisdom …

  1. Beautiful = Be-you-to-the-full

A second look at the word beautiful reveals that it is actually be-you-to-the-full. This revelation is striking, especially in a world where people seek beauty in cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. The best that can be got from beauty products and care is ‘agreeable or pleasant looks.’ But beauty calls for more. It demands that you be original and authentic. It insists that you explore your potentials to the fullest. It requests that you devote your time and energy to the mastery of your craft and the perfection of your art. The beautiful one is the genuinely attractive one.

  1. Create a legacy

Since we’re sojourners here on earth, the best we can do for ourselves, the human community and Mother Earth, is to leave a legacy – footprints on the sands of time. With this, generations yet unborn will know we were here once upon a time. However, legacy is not a chance occurrence; it is created. How? Simple: give yourself to every single thing you do.

  1. Make it singular, make it distinctive

Since Jack of all trades is usually a master of none, make it singular; choose one thing. Just one! And then deplore all your talents, creativity, uniqueness, originality, and authenticity into it. That is, make it distinctive. Make yourself into your own brand. It may not be better than the rest, but it will be astonishingly and breathtakingly different from the rest. Leave a signature of excellence in whatever you do. This is a duty you especially owe yourself.

  1. Celebrate your teachers

The human mind at birth, contends John Locke, is a tabula rasa upon which nothing is written. Then, whence comes all our knowledge? Our teachers! Beginning from the informal to the formal teachers, we owe all else to them. And so we must celebrate them. Always. This is right and just, especially those teachers who singled us out and pushed us into the incredible people we’re today.

  1. Excellence is not there; it’s in you

Schooling abroad is good, but that’s not where excellence is resident. Excellence lives in you – and in all of us. There are people who entirely schooled here [Nigeria] and turned out into some of the bests the world over. How did that happen? They took it upon themselves to become global citizens; they resolved to leave a dent on the planet.


  1. If you believe it enough…

The measure of believe is important. You have to believe it enough to achieve it – whatever! In medicine, only the prescribed dosage will effect the needed cure. While overdose may send one to the grave, ‘underdose’ will not get the job done. In the same way, believe has to be ‘enough’ – not less than that. Wondering if there is ‘over-believe’? Of course. We call them fanatics. The point is: if you believe it enough, you can have it more than enough.

  1. The greatest tragedy of any opportunity is that you missed it

So, prepare. Someone said it best, “I will prepare and wait, my time will come.” Adequate preparation and proper positioning will ensure that you embrace every opportunity that comes to town. Opportunity, they say, comes but ones. This is hardly true. But the greatest tragedy of any opportunity, which should give you cause for concern, is that you missed it.

  1. Never sit on the sideline

Never be undecided. Never sit on the fence. Don’t drown your inner voice; speak out. Don’t submerge yourself in the crowd. Don’t align with the backbenchers. Always dare to stand up to stand out. Take a position and stand by it.

  1. A good name is better than all else

The Bible particularly says that it (good name) is better than silver and gold, and to be desired than riches. In a materialistic and consumerist society such as ours, many people have traded their good names for fat bank accounts, and will do it over and again if given a second chance. This must not apply to you. The very first legacy everyone gets to leave is their name. Ask yourself: What readily comes to mind at the mention of my name – good person or bad person? If bad person, then today is a good day to start redeeming that name.

  1. Not demons, but decisions

The eventual outcome of our life is the sum total of the decisions we’ve made. Ours is a society where the devil takes all the blame and absolves the actor of all responsibilities. You must take exception to that. Truth be told, quality decisions make for a quality life. Why not take your time to ensure that you make sound judgments and decide correctly. And if your decision backfires, keep the accusing finger at the face in the mirror and not the devil and his demons.

  1. Obliterate every negative trait

Give it a chance and it will gun for chances; leave it a foothold and it will assume a stronghold. And that’s how it works! The way out is this: obliterate every negative trait. Crush every bad habit to the finish. Better still, nip it in the bud.

  1. Get yourself a coach

The farthest you can go alone is ‘far.’ Alone you can’t go ‘very far.’ If you aspire to go very far, then a coach has got to step in, to especially help you refine your content and get you set for world class exploit. Remember that world best athletes and Olympic champions still use the services of coaches. If they do, what makes you think you don’t?


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  1. Great write up Cornelius. I must say ur write ups have been rewarding, I go through ur blog and it’s really inspiring. Keep de good work Brother!


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